Why Are There A Lot Of Birds In My Yard?

There are a lot of birds in your yard because your yard has a lot of insects to feed them or because it has trees, bushes, and shrubs that provide protection from predators. Birds are constantly searching for food and shelter. Your yard could provide both!

If you’ve been noticing a lot of activity in your yard recently, it’s likely because your backyard has become the go-to spot for the neighborhood birds. Several reasons could contribute to this.

Are Birds Just Using my Yard as a Food Source

Many critters roam your yard acting like they own the place. Some are just too small for us to see. The birds that call your yard home see these little critters and feast on them. This is a good thing because many insects and their larvae can damage your lawn, making it an eyesore and expensive to repair.

Getting a Bird’s Eye View of Your Yard

When a bird swoops down to make a pit stop during migration to get a better view of your yard, there are a few things they look for.

They scour your yard to check the abundance of insects. They look for trees or structures up high that would be suitable locations for a future nest. They see how many shrubs or bushes are around your property that could provide ground cover if they need to hide from predators.

If they like what they see, they will stay and make a home in your yard.

Types of Protections Your Yard Has For Birds

One vital thing for birds is their safety. This includes safety from predators and from weather conditions.

If your yard has trees or shrubs, this can give birds a place to perch and stay safe from predators.

If you have a porch or a deck in your backyard, these man-made structures could serve as a shelter for birds from the elements or a place to build a nest.

Will A lot of Birds Destroy Your Yard?

It’s doubtful that a large number of birds will destroy your yard. And if you see your yard has taken a turn for the worse after large groups of birds are digging up and foraging your yard for food, it’s not the birds causing the problem. The influx of lawn destroying insects and weeds in your yard is the likely culprit.

If you see a large gathering of birds feasting on your lawn, it’s a sign that your yard is overrun with pests, but those pests are not the birds themselves.

The Benefits of Having Lots of Birds in Your Yard

Stepping outside on a warm sunny morning, you’re likely to hear a lot of chirping and chatter from your yard’s bird population. Having birds in your yard has many benefits, and your yard also plays a crucial role in their survival.

Birds Can Help Keep Your Yard Lush And Beautiful

Birds love to eat. There’s no question about that. Part of their diet is insects, so having a lot of birds in your yard can help reduce the number of insects that could harm your beautifully manicured lawn. Birds also love flowers, and they can help pollinate flowers by hopping from one flower to the next.

A Lot of Birds Can Help Increase Your Property Value

The so-called “curb appeal” will be a deciding factor in real estate prices. Having and maintaining a very attractive yard for birds increases the value of your property. Making sure your yard attracts the local birds could be an investment that hardly anyone talks about.

How To Make Your Yard More Attractive To Birds

By making an effort and tailoring your yard to bird behavior, you can attract all sorts of local birds native to your area.

Different fruit-bearing trees will give birds a good food source during the season that the trees bear fruit. It will also give them lots of foliage for nesting and plenty of places to perch.

With plenty of shrubs, many birds will flock to your yard. Planting shrubs that produce berries is another great way to bring the birds to your yard. Shrubs provide protection, food sources, and materials for building nests.

The simplest way to bring birds to your yard is a birdfeeder. Hanging it from a tree and filling it with wild bird seed can bring a variety of birds from around your neighborhood to your yard.

Give Birds A Water Source

Birds love water, especially moving water. If you install a birdbath in your yard, plenty of birds will be drinking and bathing in it. And while they flock to birdbaths, birds would much rather be in a recirculating fountain or waterfall.

By having a fountain or waterfall designed explicitly for gardens, your yard will become what all the birds in your neighborhood will be chirping about.

Providing Shelter And a Place For Them To Build Nests

Other than trees, there are many places a bird can build nests. If you install a birdhouse in your yard, you’re giving the birds another option to make their own home inside of it, safe from harsh weather and ravenous predators.

If you plant coniferous trees (think pine cones), it not only gives ground-dwelling birds options to build nests, it also provides warmth for them in the winter and sap as an alternative food source.

Having A Lot of Birds in Your Yard is Mutually Beneficial

More urban development is destroying the natural habitat of many native bird populations. Having a yard that is attractive to them by providing food and shelter when they migrate, you’re helping with their survival, and they are helping you maintain a luscious, well-manicured yard.

There are a variety of reasons there might be a lot of birds in your yard. It could be because you have a lot of trees or bushes, which provide shelter and food for the birds. Or, it could be that you have a pond or water feature, which attracts birds looking for a place to drink or bathe. Whatever the reason, it’s clear that birds find your backyard to be a comfortable and inviting place, so enjoy their company!

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