What Color Should I Paint a Concrete Bird Bath?

If you want to attract as many birds as possible, the best colors to paint a concrete bird bath are red, pink, blue, or yellow. It is not recommended to paint a concrete bird bath white since birds will not be attracted to it.

Picking a color and paint for your bird bath seems like a simple task. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing a bird bath color. The two biggest questions are:

1. What color best fits a concrete bird bath?
2. What type of paint should I use for a concrete bird bath?

It is important to create a bird-friendly environment not only to attract birds but also to have a beautiful garden.

What Colors Attract Birds?

Painting a concrete bird bath with colors to attract birds is a great way to make your backyard a birdwatcher’s paradise. But what colors are birds attracted to?

Birds are attracted to bright primary colors such as reds, greens, blues, etc.

Why? According to researchers, birds see colors much differently than humans. Studies have shown that birds see a much wider range of colors. They can even see colors that are invisible to the human eye.

This was concluded when observing and comparing bird psychological behaviors towards certain primary colors. For example, Pigeons can see ultraviolet light (UV light) in broad daylight, unlike the human eye.

The study also concluded that each bird species has different preferences in color. For example, Hummingbirds have been shown to have an attraction to bright red, orange, and pink colors. Blue Jays and bluebirds are attracted to the color blue. This may seem ironic, but it’s like a self-defense mechanism. Since blue jays and bluebirds are blue, they blend in when they are sitting on blue objects.

Colors and Psychological Behavior

Another reason birds are attracted to bright colors is for survival. Birds use colors and patterns to attract mates and avoid predators.

Usually, female birds will choose the brightest colored male to reproduce with, as brighter colors reflect good health.

As a result, birds use colors to avoid predators through a strategy known as “cryptosis”, which creates a pattern of diversion that blends into the background.

What Does This Have to Do With Bird Bath Color?

You may wonder what this has to do with my bird bath? Does it matter? Yes!

It matters because the best way to attract birds to your bird bath is to make a bird-friendly bird bath. In other words, think like a bird. By painting your concrete birdbath with bright colors, you can make it resemble the bird’s plumage color, which will make the bird feel safe.

Mixing Primary Colors

By mixing bright primary colors, you can attract a wide range of birds, giving your garden life. This can also be a new twist on the traditional solid colors of bird baths.

Mixing different primary colors creates an inviting space for birds. A colorful bird bath will not only give an enjoyable experience to our feathery friends, but the splashing sounds of the clean water can attract different kinds of birds.

Furthermore, mixing different colors creates plumage pigmentation that will entice birds to interact with the concrete bird bath.

What Colors Should You Avoid?

One color, in particular, should be avoided at all costs. The color white (even though that’s technically not a color) signals stress and danger. It can provoke aggression in many bird species.

From a survival standpoint, this makes sense. One of the fundamental ways birds protect themselves from predators is to blend in. Very few birds are white, which means they will stand out when resting on a white object.

Obviously, there are a few exceptions to this rule, and if you’re trying to attract white birds, you may want to consider painting the bird bath white. However, in the vast majority of cases, white should be avoided.

A reflective metallic finish will also deter birds. Most bird species steer away from these reflective surfaces because they can attract predators.

Remember, birds love to blend in. When painting your bird bath, don’t choose a color or finish that could cause the bird to stand out.

Color is Vital!

Birds rely heavily on color to procreate, pick foods, and detect potential threats. Different bird species have different preferences of color. However, some colors cause birds to have anxiety.

As previously mentioned, white not only pokes at birds’ survival instincts but also causes high amounts of anxiety. Many studies have shown the negative impact the color white has on birds.

When birds encounter the color white, they behave aggressively and exhibit territorial behavior.

The Best Paint to Use For a Concrete Bird Bath

Choose a paint for your bird bath that can withstand all weather and climate conditions. It is also very important to pick a paint that is safe for birds.

So what type of paint is safe for both birds and concrete?

Oil-based, latex, acrylic, or watercolor paints are usually recommended by bird enthusiasts. The chosen paint must have low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are known as carcinogens. Carcinogens are substances that can cause cancer in living tissues.

This can obviously lead to severe health issues for the birds. When birds are exposed to carcinogens, they can develop lung cancer, tumors, dyspnea, nasal passage irritation, and eye irritation.

When painting a concrete bird bath, it’s important to use bird-safe paint to ensure not just your safety but that of the birds as well.

Bird Bath Color is Just The Start

Keep in mind that the color of your concrete bird bath is not the only way to attract birds. Be sure to provide fresh water, food, shelter, and bird-friendly landscaping. Not only will these motivate birds to visit your bird bath, but they will bring a charming touch to your landscape.

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