What Birds Eat Peanut Butter?

Parrots, blue jays, and chickadees are some of the most common birds that love peanut butter. There are a variety of ways to serve peanut butter to birds, but it’s important to remember moderation is crucial. Too much peanut butter can make a bird sick.

Bird owners may find it tempting to give their birds some of the same sweet treats they enjoy as humans, like peanut butter. But, it’s important to ask, “is what I’m about to serve actually good for my bird”?

The last thing a bird owner wants is to feed their birds something only for them to get sick. Fortunately, peanut butter is perfectly healthy for most birds, and they tend to really enjoy the treat. There are even a good variety of ways to serve birds this treat!

The Three Most Common Birds That Love Peanut Butter


One of the best treats to give a pet parrot is some delicious, creamy peanut butter. Remember that peanut butter contains salt, sugar, and oil, all of which can be harmful, so make sure to feed parrots peanut butter only in moderation as an occasional treat.

The best option is to purchase organic peanut butter. Organic peanut butter contains fewer harmful additives, making it much healthier for the parrot.

One of the best ways to feed a parrot peanut butter is to spread some on a pinecone. Then roll the pine cone in some of the parrot’s favorite birdseed and place the cone outside in the trees or on the porch. Make sure to clean off any dirt from the pinecones.

Another way to serve peanut butter to a parrot is on corn cobs. After eating the corn, just spread the peanut butter onto the cob. Mix some bird seed onto the cob, then place the cob outside.

Blue Jays

Birds such as blue jays aren’t very picky about their diet and will eat just about anything given to them. They are big fans of peanuts, often digging into the shells to eat them. Not surprisingly, they will happily eat peanut butter if we feed it to them.

Like parrots, it’s better to buy organic peanut butter that doesn’t contain many harmful additives in regular, store-bought peanut butter. This is especially true regarding salt. Too much sodium can cause stomach problems for a blue jay.

Blue jays, like other birds, really enjoy peanut butter suets, which are small cakes made of peanut butter, cornmeal, oatmeal, and dried cranberries. Many recipes can be found online.

It’s also worth noting that these are recommended for getting blue jays and other birds their necessary nutrition during the winter, although they can be served throughout the year.

No matter how you decide to serve peanut butter to blue jays, it serves as a pleasant treat they are sure to eat.


Peanut butter is a great snack for chickadees, and it is actually one of the best for them. The high protein in organic peanut butter is excellent for a chickadee’s health.

Their favorite way to consume peanut butter is when the peanut butter is spread onto branches or tree trunks.

A pinecone would also work, but they prefer bark and branches, which is also more convenient. This serves as a simple way to feed a chickadee. In fact, peanut butter can provide chickadees with necessary calories during the winter.

Chickadees can also be served peanut butter as part of suets, like the blue jay. Wild chickadees will keep coming back to a yard if they see peanut butter.

Other Ways to Serve Peanut Butter

While we’ve looked at some of the favorite ways for particular birds to enjoy peanut butter, there are some other ways that apply to any bird.

One such way is to make some mock peanut butter cookie dough. This is peanut butter mixed with cornmeal with warm water into a ball. A variety of recipes for these excellent treats can be found online.

Another simple but great way to serve peanut butter to birds is to give them some with seeds. Birds need a little less than 20% of their diet to be made up of seeds, which means it will be frequently fed to them. Adding some peanut butter will allow the bird to enjoy feasting on the seeds so much more.

These are two great additional ways to serve pet birds peanut butter.

Health Benefits of Peanut Butter

Eating peanut butter comes with some tremendous health benefits for birds. Peanut butter is high in protein, which is key for any bird’s health. It can be a great help for birds during the winter to stay strong and energized in the cold and provide the necessary strength to make their migration journeys. Regardless of the season, consuming peanut butter comes with significant health benefits.

Peanut butter is a treat many birds enjoy, particularly parrots, blue jays, and chickadees. Birds not only enjoy peanut butter, but it’s actually good for them.

Whether spread on pinecones, a cob, in a suet, on some tree bark or branches, as peanut butter “Cookie dough,” or simply with some bird seeds. Pet birds will be so happy to see some creamy or crunchy peanut butter waiting for them in the yard.

Wild birds will make sure they return to the house where they enjoyed this treat before. In addition to being delicious, peanut butter is also nutritious for birds as it is an excellent source of protein for a bird’s diet. Go grab some peanut butter for the birds to enjoy today!

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