How To Stop Birds From Attacking Car Mirrors

Quick Answer:

To prevent birds from attacking car mirrors, one can try using reflective tape or other visual deterrents, placing a bird feeder away from the car, or covering the mirrors with a protective cover. It’s important to avoid using harmful or dangerous methods that may harm the birds or damage the car.

Have you ever been driving along, only to have a bird come out of nowhere and attack your car mirror? It’s an incredibly annoying experience that can be frightening for both the driver and the poor bird! But there is no need to worry any longer. In this article, I’m going to show you how to stop birds from attacking your car mirrors so you can enjoy a peaceful drive without interruption.

The first thing we must do is understand why these birds are attacking in the first place. Typically it comes down to territoriality – they see their reflection in the mirrors and think another bird has invaded their space, which causes them to become aggressive. Fortunately, with some simple steps, you can prevent these attacks from happening again.

Finally, let’s get into the practical strategies for preventing further avian assaults on your car mirrors. You’ll be able to keep yourself safe while also protecting our feathered friends from potential harm. So if you’re ready to take back control over your vehicle’s exterior surfaces, let’s dive right in!

Identifying The Problem

I’ve noticed some birds attacking my car mirrors, and I’m starting to get concerned. To make sure that the damage doesn’t become more extensive, it’s important for me to identify what kind of bird is behind this attack pattern. The first step in solving a problem like this is recognizing the type of bird species involved. It could be anything from crows and woodpeckers to swallows and starlings. Once you’ve identified the species, you can then look into the types of behavior they exhibit when attacking cars.

Next up is identifying how much damage these birds have caused so far. This includes looking at their droppings around your car, as well as any scratches or dents on your mirror itself. Furthermore, take note if there are certain areas of your mirror they seem to be targeting frequently; this way you can tell whether or not a particular group of birds has been attacking regularly over time. Lastly, observe any patterns which may arise during an attack – such as how often they come back to peck or scratch away at the same area again and again. With all this information collected, I now have enough data to start deterring them from landing near my vehicle.

Deterring Birds From Landing

Now that the problem of bird attacks on car mirrors has been identified, it’s time to look at ways to prevent birds from landing. There are several techniques available for deterring birds from attacking car mirrors and other surfaces. Bird deterrents such as reflective tape or decals can be applied directly to the mirror surface in order to stop bird attacks. Other methods include scare techniques like shiny objects hanging near the area, loud noises like a balloon popping nearby, or even wind chimes which will make them think twice before approaching again. In addition, there are various products designed specifically for bird proofing large areas such as netting, spikes, or electrified wires.

No matter what type of technique is employed, it should always be remembered that these measures only work if they are used consistently and updated regularly when necessary. Additionally, it’s important not to use any sort of toxin-based product since this could have an adverse effect on both humans and wildlife alike. With some patience and creativity, car owners can find a solution that best fits their needs while also keeping birds safe too!

By discouraging bird habits around cars through careful planning and implementation of preventive measures, drivers can effectively protect their vehicles from unwanted avian visitors.

Discouraging Bird Habits

There are several ways to discourage birds from attacking car mirrors. One of the most important steps is deterring bird habits before they become an issue and damaging your vehicle. Bird control is a great way to prevent birds from wreaking havoc on your car, as well as other parts of your property. Scare tactics such as loud noises or reflective objects can be used to stop birds from returning once they have already caused damage. Additionally, you may want to consider bird proofing any areas that could potentially attract them by installing netting, spikes, or wires around the area.

Non-chemical repellents are another option for discouraging birds from attacking car mirrors and surrounding areas. These products use light, sound, smell, taste and feel to create an unpleasant environment for the birds in order to keep them away without using harsh chemicals. This solution may require more effort than others but it can be very effective when implemented correctly.

Non-Chemical Repellents

When it comes to keeping birds away from car mirrors, there are some non-chemical methods of repellent that can be employed. Some of these include visual deterrents, reflective surfaces and ultrasonic devices.

Visual deterrents such as scare balloons or plastic owls can help frighten the birds away with their presence. You can hang them up in areas where you find birds perching on your car mirror and this should keep them away for a while. It is important to move the location of the balloon every few days so that the birds don’t become accustomed to its presence.

Another effective way for deterring bird attacks on car mirrors is by using reflective surfaces which confuse the birds when they see their reflection in the mirror. Placing objects such as shiny aluminum foil strips or Mylar tape around your car’s side view mirrors will make it difficult for the birds to land because they’ll think they’re seeing another bird when they look at their reflection.

Finally, one may also choose to use motion sensors and/or ultrasonic devices to ward off any unwanted avian visitors near your vehicle’s exterior. Motion sensors emit an unpleasant sound upon contact whereas ultrasonic devices send out high frequency sounds designed specifically to repel certain types of pests including birds. These two options offer longer lasting results than do visual deterrents alone but come at a higher cost upfront:

  • Motion Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Devices
  • Shiny Aluminum Foil Strips or Mylar Tape

These non-chemical methods act as a great preventative measure against bird attacks on car mirrors without harming any wildlife in the process.

Chemical Repellents

Do you have a car that is constantly being attacked by birds? Well, fear not! There are chemical repellents out there to protect your precious mirrors from any more avian assaults.

Chemical Repellents Bird Repellents
Mirror Protection Deterrent Sprays
Avian Repellents  

The options for bird repellents available on the market today range from mirror protection stickers to deterrent sprays specifically formulated for avian repellents. These products can be applied directly onto the surface of your car in order to provide long-term protection against pesky birds. While these solutions may not completely stop birds from attacking your car, they can certainly reduce their frequency and intensity of attacks.

So if you’re looking for an effective way to prevent future bird attacks on your vehicle, consider investing in some sort of chemical repellent product that will help keep those feathered fiends away from your prized possession! No one wants their car covered with ugly scratches and dings – so why risk it when prevention is just a few clicks away?

Preventative Measures

Moving on from chemical repellents, there are other preventative measures you can take to stop birds from attacking car mirrors. The most effective way is by bird-proofing your car with protective coverings or barriers. Here are some strategies for doing so:

  • Cover the Mirrors: You can use a variety of materials like plastic sheeting, paper bags, cardboard boxes, and tape to create an impenetrable barrier over the mirrors that will keep birds away.
  • Hang Reflective Objects: Hanging reflective objects around your car such as aluminum foil strips, Mylar balloons, CDs, wind chimes or shiny ribbons is another option for deterring birds from getting too close to your vehicle’s mirrors.
  • Install Bird Spikes: Installing stainless steel spikes along the top edge of your side mirror housings is also an effective way of keeping birds at bay. This method may require professional help depending on where the spikes need to be installed.

These methods should drastically reduce the chances of any further damage caused by birds trying to attack your car’s mirrors. Be sure to check back regularly and replace any worn out material or damaged items quickly in order to maintain its effectiveness against unwanted pests. With these simple steps combined with proper maintenance and care, you should be able to protect your car’s mirrors without having to resort to using harsh chemicals!


The problem of birds attacking car mirrors can be a nuisance for many vehicle owners. There are several options available to help stop the attacks, from non-chemical repellents, chemical repellents and preventative measures. It is important to research each option thoroughly before making any decisions in order to ensure that it will work best for you.

For most people, using a combination of strategies such as deterring birds from landing on your vehicle and discouraging bird habits should be effective enough in keeping them away from car mirrors. Additionally, taking precautionary steps like parking under shade or covering windows with netting can also make a huge difference.

At the end of the day though, it’s all about being proactive and not reactive when dealing with this issue; so take whatever steps necessary now to save yourself time and money later – because prevention truly is better than cure! After all, ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ – Benjamin Franklin