How To Keep Birds From Building Nests On Window Sills

The best way to prevent birds from building nests on your window sill is to clear your space of anything that may attract the bird to nest there. This includes leaves and sticks. You can also install spikes or reflective objects that would scare the bird away.

While most birds are welcomed neighbors that feed on pesky insects and add to the ambiance of the great outdoors, they can certainly become a nuisance when they invade your personal space a little too much and make their residence on your window sill. As with many problems, prevention is key to keep this from becoming a problem.

Repelling birds from your window sill is actually easy. You can even use household items you likely already have on hand. It’s best to stay one step ahead of the birds to protect your valuable real estate.

Is There Already a Nest on Your Window Sill?

If you unfortunately already have a nest on your window sill, you’ll need to physically remove the nest and be prepared to do so several times. It’s likely the bird will come back to the same spot.

Cleaning the area where the nest was could also help remove any familiar scents and items that would make the bird more likely to return.

Depending on your area and the type of nest, you may need to check the wildlife protection organizations in your area. It can sometimes be against the law to disturb a nest, so some research would be in your best interest.

It’s also wise to use some careful consideration if there are eggs. The last thing you want to do is interrupt mother nature. By contacting wildlife control, they might visit your home and let you know about some of the safe and legal ways to solve the problem.

Prevent Birds From Building Nests on Window Sills

Since it can be complicated to deal with a nest once it’s already on your window sill, the best thing is to prevent birds from landing and making nests on your sills in the first place.

Remove Nest Materials

Birds love to use twigs, leaves, and branches to build their nests. By keeping your window sills clear of these items, you will avoid inadvertently drawing the birds to those areas for nesting. Regular maintenance of these areas will help a lot.

Install Spikes

These are long rods used to keep birds from landing on your sills. They can be attached to window sills with wire or be made by hammering nails into wood.


You can also attach a 45-degree angle board that would cause a bird or their nest to slide off. Without a flat and secure surface, the birds won’t be able to build a nest.

Bird Repellent

There are several repellant sprays you can either purchase or make at home.

By combining crushed chili peppers, water, and vinegar and heating it over the stove or keeping it out in the sun for a few hours, you can make your own repellant.

Placing the mixture in a plant mister and spraying your window sills should keep the birds away from those areas.

Whether natural or homemade, citrus repellents work well since most birds hate the smell. Several are sold in stores, but lemon or mandarin juice would work as a natural home remedy.

Reflective Objects

Shiny, reflective objects can also be great deterrents. The bright reflections detract the birds from the area. Many decorative items can do this well if you’re looking for something more aesthetically pleasing for your space. Otherwise, mirrors, aluminum, or anything you can find around your house that is reflective should do the trick.

Sonic Repellent

Purchasing a sonic repellent and placing it on your window sill is another option. These devices sound off distress signals to keep birds away.

Wind Chimes

Wind chimes might be a good way to use sound to deter the birds while also creating sounds you enjoy. The metal material doubles as a reflective object that would deter the bird as well!


Cats and dogs are great pets to run the birds off. If you have one, you can let your trusty companion outside to do the work for you.

Even a fake predator perched on a window sill or your roof could dissuade birds from coming near, such as a wooden owl or hawk.

Why Do Birds Settle On Window Sills?

It’s worth investigating why birds like your window sills so much. The more you understand, the better you can manage the problem.

Tall Ledges

Birds love tall heights. They will often build nests on the highest story of your house since height protects them from certain predators.


A flat and wooden ledge is like a branch, but even more sturdy because it won’t sway in the wind and isn’t round.

Nest Supplies

Your window sill will collect items like sticks and leaves the bird would use to make their nests.

Reasons to Keep Birds From Nesting on Window Sills

Is it really a big deal if a bird makes a nest on your window sill? There are several problems that you may not have considered.

Bird Droppings

If you have birds living on your house, there will probably be a lot of bird droppings that land on your porch, driveway, or windows. This leads to a lot of extra cleaning for you.

Damaged Building

Birds can also scratch up your paint, dent window frames, or damage other parts of the exterior of your house. This can be costly and unsightly.


One of the main reasons birds can be a nuisance is the amount of noise they create, often very early in the morning. A bird chirping right outside your window can make you lose a lot of sleep and drive you crazy over time.

Although birds sing some beautiful songs, it’s typically appreciated at a distance. Your home should be a place of peace for you to recharge. Avoiding unwanted, inconsiderate roommates is ideal!

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