Do Window Bird Feeders Work?

If a bird finds a window bird feeder attractive, it will work. It is sometimes necessary for the bird feeder to have specific food to attract certain species. Some birds are even attracted to colors and types of bird feeders.

There is something enjoyable about watching birds use feeders you place in your garden, on a fence post, or outside a window.

There are many types of feeders, but none can afford you quite the same view that a window feeder does.

All bird feeders are not created equal. In fact, some birds are only attracted to certain types of feeders in the same way they are only attracted to certain types of food.

Some bird feeders require effort to get the food like a suet cage, and others are as simple as sitting on the edge of a tray or platform and eating the bird food out of it.

Why Do Window Feeders Work?

Window feeders offer several benefits to not only the bird watcher but also to the bird. Elevated off the ground, a window bird feeder allows birds to eat the food put out for them without being concerned about predators.

Also, window feeders are typically covered by an overhang or something similar that provides coverage for the birds from poor weather. These two factors alone offer enough encouragement for birds to use a window feeder.

Even though a window feeder is a specific type of feeder, they come in many shapes and sizes.

What Attracts Birds to Feeders?

Aside from the food in the feeder, many factors go into what attracts birds to the feeder.

Accessibility is one of the biggest factors. If a feeder is not easily accessed, it will be a hard sell to get a bird to use it.

The location of the feeder also plays a big part. If a bird does not feel safe when eating out of a feeder, it will be less likely to use it.

A feeder that offers some sort of coverage makes it a little more desirable because the feeder can provide shelter from rain or sunlight.

While some birds eat a wide variety of food, they have their preferences. Birds may be partial to certain foods, which sometimes require some coaxing to get them to visit your feeder.

What if Birds Aren’t Visiting?

If you have a bird feeder filled with food and ready to be used and there are still no birds visiting, there are a couple of things you can do to change this.

Birds have other needs besides eating. One need, second to food, is staying clean. If you have a bird bath in close proximity, the birds will have more than one reason to come around.

Also, if feeders put birds in situations where they’ll be more vulnerable, they might be more cautious or hesitant to use the feeder.

Types of Window Feeders


Platform window feeders are the most simple feeders. Platform feeders allow birds to perch on the edge of a tray or bowl and eat. It is typically a shallow or wide bowl that allows birds to easily reach the food.


Suet (a solid block of various seeds) is held in a cage. Suet window feeders pretty much amount to a cage that suction to a window. The birds will take a bit off of the block at a time. These are fun to watch because of the extra effort needed to get to the suet block.


Hummingbird feeders can hang, mount on a post, or even be stuck in the ground. This version of a hummingbird feeder is virtually the same. The only difference is that this version is mounted on the outside of a window. These types of feeders usually contain some type of sugar water.

Finch Feeder

Since finches primarily eat thistle seed, the seed is held inside a very fine mesh-like material and sometimes even held in a sock. The finch picks the seeds out of the fine material with their small beaks, making this a feeder that attracts only finches. Finch feeders can be mounted on the outside of the window as well.


One of the most common and popular bird feeders is a hopper feeder. Hopper feeders are gravity fed, and as the food is removed, more food drops. The hopper incorporates a tray that the seed spills out on. Some hopper feeders come in different shapes and sizes and are sometimes shaped like houses.

Fruit Feeders

Fruit feeders are exactly what they sound like. A fruit feeder holds a piece of fruit for the bird in either a frame or on a spike. Fruit feeders may also have a small dish that can hold jellies or something similar.

Window Feeders Offer a Wonderful Bird Watching Experience

Attracting birds to the yard with a feeder is bird watching in its simplest form. Being able to sit in the comfort of your own home and look outside and watch the birds at your feeder is really neat. It is like having front row tickets to your very own wildlife show.

Now imagine eating breakfast just a few feet away from those very birds. Window feeders make that possible. Window feeders offer a more inclusive bird watching experience.

For the spectator, the best part about window feeders is they can be placed on any window of any room. This makes it possible to bird watch from your bedroom, kitchen, or dining room.

All birds have to eat. I am sure they are hard pressed to find an oasis in the wild somewhere that offers an ongoing reliable food source the way a feeder does.

This is why it’s easy to attract and keep birds returning to a feeder. Learning to create a nurturing environment around the feeder is key to building regular guests outside of your window.

Window feeders provide the best viewing opportunities from the comfort of your own home while at the same time giving birds a safe, enjoyable experience.

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