crow sitting on the grass

Do Crows Scare Away Other Birds?

Crows can scare away smaller birds, including robins, sparrows, and blue jays, due to their larger size, loud screeches, and territoriality. However, some other bird species, and certain man-made deterrents, can scare away an unwanted murder of crows. Crows are highly intelligent birds that belong to the same family as ravens, jays, and magpies, known …

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two seagulls sitting next to each other

Do Seagulls Eat Bird Seed?

Seagulls do, in fact, eat birdseed. Seagulls are omnivores, which means they have a varied diet. They can eat an assortment of marine creatures and other animals, or they can feast upon plants and fruits. When a seagull is presented with a feeder full of bird seed, it will most certainly dive in. But bird …

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hawk looking for food

Why Do Little Birds Chase Hawks?

Little birds chasing hawks (or other large birds and mammals) is known as mobbing. Mobbing is a defensive act that small birds use to drive off unwanted predators to protect themselves and their territories. You’ve likely looked out your window or have been outside and noticed one or maybe many little birds harassing a larger …

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bird playing with a toy

Do Birds Have Good Memory?

The brain of a bird may be small, but don’t let that fool you. These creatures have an incredible memory. Different bird species have varying degrees of memory, but every bird has an impressive memory considering the size of its brain. Have you ever looked at a bird and wondered how a creature so small …

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peanut butter in a jar

What Birds Eat Peanut Butter?

Parrots, blue jays, and chickadees are some of the most common birds that love peanut butter. There are a variety of ways to serve peanut butter to birds, but it’s important to remember moderation is crucial. Too much peanut butter can make a bird sick. Bird owners may find it tempting to give their birds …

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multiple birds sleeping on a branch

When Do Birds Go to Sleep?

Most birds head to their nests to sleep as soon as the sun sets. The eyes of diurnal birds are very small, making it hard for them to see at night when there is less light for their eyes to take in. Most humans retire to bed when the sun sets. Some of us go …

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