Can Wild Birds Eat Parakeet Food?

Parakeet food is not only safe for wild birds, but contains several healthy ingredients as well. In fact, most parakeet food begins as wild bird seeds. You won’t be doing any damage by sharing your parakeet’s food with the neighborhood birds.

Humans have been feeding wild birds since the beginning of time. Now that you have some extra parakeet food, you might wonder if you can join this human tradition too.

What Exactly Is in Parakeet Food?

If you feed your parakeets, chances are that you feed them a variety of foods based on their health and taste preferences.

The main types of parakeet food consist of seeds, pellets, fruits, veggies, and millet. Some mixes may include fillers.

Before you know for certain if your parakeet’s food is safe for the wild birds around you, it is important to know exactly what you will feed them.

Seeds and Pellets

When inspecting a bag of bird food, you will most likely find the ingredients to be a mixture of seeds and pellets. These are usually a mix of sunflower, safflower, canary, millet, and pellets.

All these contain a good source of vitamins and nutrients to help your bird stay energetic and healthy.

Fruit and Vegetables

A bag of bird food can have a variety of fruits and vegetables. The variety of fruits usually being dehydrated berries, grapes, or tropical fruits.

They can also eat vegetables such as leafy greens, herbs, potatoes, and peppers (including spicy ones).

The list is long for what kinds of fruits and veggies birds can eat. An example of things to keep away from any bird is pitted fruits and vegetables.

How Safe Is Parakeet Food for Wild Birds?

Parakeet food is perfectly safe and healthy for wild birds. Anything you can safely feed your parakeet, you’ll be able to feed to the wild birds in your neighborhood.

Parakeet Food is Safe, But is it Healthy?

There’s a big difference between a safe food and a healthy one. We already know parakeet food is safe for wild birds, but how healthy is it?

The downside to parakeet food is that it’s typically lower in fat, which is important for wild birds. However, parakeet food also contains many nutrients that wild birds might not get through their typical diet. Because of this, parakeet food would be considered healthy for wild birds, but it’s important you don’t overfeed them. If wild birds become too full on parakeet food, they won’t eat other foods that are higher in fat.

What Do Wild Birds Eat?

Contrary to popular belief, wild birds eat more than just worms. Wild birds eat worms (of course), insects, nectar, wild seeds, berries, nuts, and fruit. Wild birds will actually eat anything they can find on the ground. This includes eating any leftover or human litter. Although this is not very healthy, the wild birds still try to eat it.

Feeding Wild Birds

Feeding wild birds with the intention of attracting them to an area of your property is becoming a popular hobby. Choosing to put out parakeet food is a good idea if your goal is to pique the interest of the community birds.

You can place the food in a bird feeder, on the ground, or even feed them out of your hand for a more personal experience. The latter will require building trust with the birds.

If this is your first time, it helps to go inside to allow the shy birds to have time to roam through the parakeet food without fear of human involvement. After some regularity, you can pull up a chair and watch quietly and patiently at how they pick through the food.

Pros and Cons of Feeding Parakeet Food to Wild Birds

The Pros:

  • You would provide a fun blend of seeds they might not get in the wild (depending on location).
  • Wild birds would come to the spot where you decide to put the food (great for mornings).
  • You could save money by buying one type of bird food.
  • You could better understand wild birds through observation.
  • It’s really fun.

The Cons:

  • The birds might always expect the food to be there (if you only want to do it every now and then).
  • The wild birds may not like the fillers in parakeet food (but they would most likely just nitpick through the food).
  • Some birds could get sick from eating a new type of food, especially if they overeat.

Can wild birds eat parakeet food? That answer is a pretty clear yes! You can rest assured that you won’t be poisoning your neighborhood of birds by understanding what exactly you are feeding them. You never know; you could make some new friends with this new approach!

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