Can Birds Eat Scrambled Eggs?

Both omnivorous and carnivorous birds can eat scrambled eggs. Herbivorous birds will not eat scrambled eggs. Eggs are very healthy for birds. As long as you leave out the extra salt, pepper, and butter, you can feed eggs to birds in a variety of ways, including scrambled.

Have you ever wondered if your pet bird can eat scrambled eggs? Or maybe you’ve wondered if it was safe to feed eggs to wild birds?

Let’s look at why scrambled eggs, or eggs in any form, are a healthy snack for birds.

Is it Safe For Birds to Eat Scrambled Eggs?

Not only is it completely safe for birds to eat scrambled eggs, but they can also eat them raw or prepared in any way.

However, if you choose to cook eggs for your bird, do not use any type of oil since oil will negatively affect digestion.

Assuming they are prepared correctly (no oil, butter, salt, etc.), eggs are a fantastic addition to the diet of almost any bird.

The amount of eggs that each species of bird can consume will vary. Birds with diets consisting of plant fibers, seeds, and fruits should not be given many eggs in one sitting since they are not used to eating that much protein in one meal.

Benefits of Adding Eggs to a Birds Diet

Eggs have several vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients that are beneficial to a bird’s health. Eggs do not contain sugar or other chemicals that might be unhealthy.

Not only can you prepare the eggs in any form (scrambled, raw, over easy, etc.), but birds will eat all parts of the egg, including the shell.

If you choose to feed your bird scrambled eggs, crush the shells and give those to them as a snack. Eggshells are high in calcium and can significantly affect your bird’s health.

How to Introduce Eggs Into a Birds Diet

As both a cheap and healthy snack, eggs are a great treat for a pet bird. However, if you are feeding eggs to a bird that has never lived in the wild or to a bird that has never eaten eggs before, it is best to introduce them to eggs gradually.

A bird that has never consumed eggs before might have difficulties digesting them. If you prefer to cook the eggs, hard boiling them is the best method, as it makes it easier for the bird to digest. Once the bird’s digestive system gets accustomed to eggs, you can then feed then prepare the eggs in whatever form you’d prefer, including scrambled.

Do Wild Birds Eat Eggs?

Yes! Not only is this normal, but it is also a very frequent occurrence in the wild. Certain species of birds will eat the eggs of other bird species if given the opportunity.

While it may seem almost counterintuitive for an animal that lays eggs to eat the eggs of another species, omnivorous and carnivorous birds will seize any easy opportunity to feed themselves.

Animals and the natural world can be a strange and mysterious thing. The phenomenon of animals, in this case, birds, eating the eggs of another species is a process known as Oophagy.

Examples of Birds That Eat Eggs in the Wild

Some birds that eat other birds’ eggs include woodpeckers, jays, crows, and ravens.

Woodpeckers hunt for the eggs of smaller bird species, such as hummingbirds and several species of songbirds. Ravens, being a larger and highly intelligent predatory bird, steal the eggs from the nests of other birds regularly.

Do Birds Eat Their Own Eggs?

While not all bird species show this behavior, many will eat their own eggs. This is especially true if a bird is low on calcium. Another reason a bird may eat its own egg is if the egg breaks before the baby is ready to hatch. This will help prevent predators from finding them.

Chickens, for instance, can and will eat their eggs if they discover one has broken and will happily chow down on a plate of scrambled eggs if given a chance.

Eating their own eggs is still just as healthy for them as eating the eggs of any other bird species.

However, if you raise chickens and want to feed them eggs as a snack, take note. There have been instances of chickens purposefully breaking eggs in their coop to eat them once developing a liking for eggs.

Should You Feed Scrambled Eggs to a Bird?

The bottom line is that eggs make for a wonderful and cheap snack for birds. While it isn’t recommended that eggs become the bulk of a bird’s diet, they are a very healthy treat. Eggs are rich in the vital minerals and nutrients that birds need.

If scrambled or cooked in any other way, the nutritional value of the eggs will not be altered. Any bird can enjoy the taste and texture of cooked eggs, whether it is a pet or wild bird.

Don’t cook the eggs with oil or butter as this can cause health and digestive issues for a bird. Remember, if introducing eggs to a bird for the first time, give them tiny amounts relative to their size. Gradually ease the eggs into their diet. By doing this, their digestive system will become more familiar with the eggs, which means they shouldn’t have any digestive issues.

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